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I don't post much anymore for several reasons. The first is that I feel that much of what I have to say has been said before and little will be resolved by repeating it. Second is that a few of the few friends i have added have unfriended me or deleted their accounts so there are few, if any, people reading this.I primarily keep this journal live as a way to allow the members of the __worthwriting community to contact me since I have been moderating that community for close to a year. Finally, whenever I do feel I have something to say of interest, i try to incorporate that into a more creative form of prose which may or may not get posted.

That said, major events in my life should be noted here as well. Last Thursday I was rushed to the hospital for what appeared to be a kidney stone. After several hours of testing which would have made the Marquis de Sade envious, they determined that it not only wasn't my kidney, but the problem lied with my appendix, which appeared to have ruptured. Needless to say, they took me straight into emergency surgery and removed it. When I came to, the surgeon told me that it looked like the appendix had not ruptured after all but he took it out anyway and sent it off for pathology tests. I do know that the pain is gone [except for the soreness from the operation] so I am hopeful that was the culprit.

I suppose I should try and make this a more recognizable LJ entry but i haven't broken up with anyone, fallen in love with Johnny Depp, hung out at the mall with Buffy and her abusive boyfriend, been accepted to Harvard only to have my past sexual history cast a cloud over my scholarship, or even been to a club where i heard the best punk/metal band ever made up of three quadrapalegics and a rabbi. I promise should any of those things happen to me, I will post it here as soon as the asylum finishes their evaluation.

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