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Flooding forecast predicts the worst flooding since Hurricane Agnes in 1972. The prognosticators say it could be the second highest level the Schuylkill River has seen in recorded history. Flood stage is 13 feet. Moderate flooding occurs at 16 feet. Major flooding begins at 18 feet. They expect the river to crest at 23 feet. They have already begun evacuations in sections of the city that border the river. Looks like it will be an interesting week after all.

** Now current expectations are for the river to crest at 27 feet

Historical Crests
(1) 31.30 ft on 1972/06/22 (Hurricane Agnes)
(2) 17.50 ft on 1983/04/16
(3) 17.36 ft on 1979/01/25
(4) 16.13 ft on 2004/09/18 (Hurricane Ivan)
(5) 16.09 ft on 1983/12/14
(6) 15.85 ft on 1996/01/20
(7) 15.83 ft on 1996/10/20
(8) 15.02 ft on 1996/01/28
(9) 14.95 ft on 1999/09/17 (Hurricane Floyd)
(10) 13.70 ft on 1996/12/2

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